When most people think of estate planning, they think of high net worth individuals protecting houses, cars, and large bank accounts. However, estate planning is much more than that. Everyone can go through basic estate planning to protect themselves, their assets, and their loved ones. If you are looking for an  attorney to help you create legal documents for your future, look no further.

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Estate planning allows you to dictate what happens to your property after you pass away. It also allows you to name an executor to your estate, a guardian for your minor children, and someone who can make decisions regarding your health and finances if you are no longer capable of doing so on your own. Even more, it allows you to protect your family from unnecessary expenses and legal proceedings that often arise after death. At The Law Office of Nicole Israel, we offer three levels of planning to meet your needs when you need it most!

Estate Planning Checklist

As you prepare for estate planning, it’s vital to ensure you include every important aspect of your life. Keeping a checklist together can help you through the process, allowing you and your lawyer to navigate everything with accuracy. Here are some of the most important things to remember for your estate planning checklist:

Keep an inventory of your assets

Make a list of all items you have, including real estate, vehicles, jewelry, artwork, bank accounts, lines of credit, retirement accounts, and more.

Consider your beneficiaries

Think of the individuals who would get what and how your assets should be distributed upon your death.

Think of who you trust to make decisions on your behalf

If estate planning in your case means advanced medical directives and powers of attorney, choose someone you trust to make choices on your behalf.

Discuss your decisions

When naming a guardian for your minor children or choosing someone to make financial and healthcare decisions on your behalf, make sure you discuss your choice with that person. Make sure they are comfortable with the responsibility.

Once you have everything you need, speak with a legal representative. A lawyer can help you determine which option works best for your situation and create a plan that protects you, your loved ones, and your property. We also do Estate Tax protection.

How Do I Know If I Need
Estate Planning?

As mentioned earlier, there’s a common misconception that only specific people should do it. However, it’s beneficial for most people who have families or assets for numerous reasons. If you’re unsure about your needs for estate planning, answer these questions:


Do you have young children who would require a guardian if you were to pass away?


Do you want your family to avoid estate tax or probate in the event you pass unexpectedly?


Do you have assets that you would like to pass on to your children or other beneficiaries at the time of your death?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you should consider estate planning. Having a legal document in place is the most effective way for you to protect the future. It’s crucial to get a lawyer on your side to ensure accuracy and effectiveness.

Estate planning is not always about death, either. In the event you become incapacitated, you can make your wishes known and choose someone to help handle your financial and healthcare decisions.

Contact an Estate Planning Lawyer

At The Law Office of Nicole Israel, PLLC, you get experienced and knowledgeable help through the whole process. Most law firms have a traditional approach to representation. You’ll meet with them, hear a bunch of legal lingo, and often walk away more confused than when you started. With our firm, we make it easy for you to understand your options, allowing you to get answers when you need them most.

We know it’s not easy to think about the day when you may pass away. However, estate planning is more crucial than you may think. Your family wealth and legacy deserve to be protected. Our firm will be there to go through the details with you to build the most effective plan possible.

Don’t hesitate to get the help you need. It’s more expensive to experience incapacitation than it is to hire someone to help you with estate planning. Let us be your trusted advisors and ensure the most important details are covered.

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