There’s nothing wrong with planning for your children’s futures. As a parent, you want to ensure that you are doing everything you can for your children. Guardianship is one of the most vital aspects of estate planning, and it is something that you shouldn’t overlook. Planning for your children can include guardianship, as well as asset distribution and more. Understanding what’s right for your situation is vital, and our team at The Law Office of Nicole Israel, PLLC is ready to help you understand what’s best for you.

Here are a few of the ways you can plan
for your children
Designating a guardian to care for your children means picking someone you trust to provide your children with care in everything they do from education to healthcare.
Designating a standby guardian can be just as beneficial. Unfortunately, something can happen to your designated guardian while your children are still minors. In this case, a standby guardian can step in temporarily.
When going through estate planning, few things can give you peace of mind like providing for your children.

Why Name a Guardian In Estate Planning?

As we stress to all of our clients, estate planning is about making sure your wishes are heard. You want to be the person making the final decisions regarding your finances and your family. Unfortunately, if you don’t include guardianship as part of your estate planning, you run the risk of having someone else make the important choice on your behalf. Here are a few of the reasons to include guardianship in estate planning:

If you don’t name a guardian, the courts will decide who will look after your child should you pass away.


Naming a guardian gives your person of choice priority over anyone other than a natural parent.

When choosing a guardian, be sure to look into all aspects of your decision. Ask yourself if the guardian is capable of caring for all of your children. You may also want to consider whether your guardian can maintain your children’s way of life. Your child may be more hesitant to be with a specific guardian if it means they have to move away from friends or change schools.

You should also consider if the guardian can financially care for your children. If you are unsure of what to look for when choosing a guardian, speak with a lawyer!

Leaving Assets for Your Children In a Will or Trust

Planning for your children also means choosing the assets they will receive as your beneficiaries. You should think about your children’s futures, determining whether they have the finances to go to college, if they receive real estate, and when they get access to specific funds that you may leave as part of your will or trust. If your children are minors, you can also designate when they can receive assets.

If you are unsure of how to leave assets to your children and protect them from probate or estate tax, be sure to speak with a lawyer. Having an estate planning lawyer on your side can give you peace of mind as you look after your children and their future following your passing.

Guardianship Attorney

Are you looking for a legal professional to help you set up guardianship and other estate planning documents to prepare your children for the future? At The Law Office of Nicole Israel, PLLC, we take a different approach to help you. We have three levels of planning that fit you and your family during your time of need.

Choosing our team means you get:


Personalized services and fees

We focus our full scope of estate planning services to meet your needs and budget based on what you want included.

Solutions that meet your best interests

We know that no two families are the same. Estate planning shouldn’t have a cookie-cutter approach, and we make sure to listen to your goals before moving forward.

Representation at every stage of life

Whether you and your spouse have been together for years, you’re unmarried, or you have children with special needs, we have solutions for you.

We’re ready to stand in your corner and prepare for your future to preserve your wealth and your legacy. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or how many assets you own, protecting your children is enough reason to consider estate planning. The Law Office of Nicole Israel, PLLC is here when you need us.

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