All too often, people have the misconception that they must be wealthy or have real estate to get help with estate planning. However, that’s not always the case. Trusts and estates are designed to protect your loved ones in the event you pass. At The Law Office of Nicole Israel, PLLC, we help you through all estate planning needs. If you have a need to create a trust or determine guardianship, you can count on our New Jersey trusts and estates attorney to help you.

Our firm knows the laws in the state and how they impact property, assets, and more upon someone’s death or incapacitation. We take the time to create the legal documents that help protect what you have worked so hard to earn over the years. Even more, you should be sure you take the necessary steps to provide guardianship for your minor children, and we’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

What We Do

If you need help with trusts and estates, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the ways we can help you:

Estate planning

Estate planning covers numerous goals, including protecting a person’s assets, as well as money, property, and their legacy. Our estate planning services can help you create all the necessary legal documents to provide assets to your beneficiaries as you wish and help your property avoid the probate process.


If you unfortunately pass or become incapacitated, you may be unable to care for your minor children. Of course, you want to be sure that they are taken care of, so naming a guardian can be one of the most beneficial things you can do. Naming a guardian gives you peace of mind that someone will look after your children following unfortunate events.

Special needs trusts

Whether you want to create a first-party special needs trust, a third-party special needs trust, or a pooled special needs trust, we can help. Our goal is to create a special needs trust that allows the beneficiary to receive all income and assets while still receiving benefits from government programs like Medicaid, SSI, and more.

Estate tax Protection

Some estates, depending on their value, may be subject to state and federal tax rates. This means that a significant portion of the estate will be taken out to cover the tax. Unfortunately, it means your family and beneficiaries may be unable to get the full amount you wished. Our services are designed to protect from estate taxes.

Asset protection

If the decedent owes creditors a debt, the creditor may look to the assets within a person’s estate in order to recover what is owed to them. In some cases, they may ask that the assets be sold to cover those costs. Our goal is to help you with an estate that focuses on asset protection so your loved ones never have to worry following your passing.

Elder law and Medicaid planning

Elder law is often a complex legal adventure, especially when planning for Medicaid and other needs. Unfortunately, many people are denied benefits because of minor inaccuracies in their application. Our team works to help with all planning and elder law needs, giving them the confidence they need to get the benefits they deserve.

Choose a New Jersey Trusts & Estates Attorney Who Looks Out for You

There are few things that can replace preparation. Without proper preparation, you may fear all that there is to come moving forward. Fortunately, there are options for you to plan for the future with your legacy, assets, and family in mind. When you work with The Law Office of Nicole Israel, PLLC, you can get the comprehensive services you need to safeguard all that is important to you.

We take a look at your best interests and needs, and we work to get you through estate planning accurately and completely. Trust that we will always put your goals first and help you get the results you need moving forward. We’re the right team for the job.

Call our firm today and speak with a member of our team about your needs for estate planning.