At The Law Office of Nicole Israel, we believe that it is vital for everyone to take at least some measures to protect their future. Estate planning is essential — but not just for those who have a lot of money and assets. Estate planning allows you to protect your property, family, and more. Having the right team on your side, can ensure accuracy through every step of the process.

We take a personalized and unique approach to your estate planning needs. We look at all of your assets, your health and, your goals, to ensure we’re creating a plan that suits your needs. From wills and trusts to guardianship, we want you to feel comfortable making critical decisions about your future and life after you pass. Trust that we’ll be there for you.

What We Do

We help families using a relationship-based and client-centered practice. We go through every step of estate planning so you can feel confident in your choices. Instead of most traditional law firms where you are approached with legal lingo and cookie-cutter guidance, we take an in-depth and personal approach to help you through the following matters:

Estate planning

We cover all estate planning needs to help you protect your assets, money, and legacy. We help to create wills and trusts that pass on your assets to beneficiaries as you wish, and even potentially help your assets avoid probate.


Part of estate planning means ensuring that your minor children are taken care of. You can name a guardian for your children through estate planning so that you know they are taken care of should you pass or something happen to you.

Special needs trusts

We can help you create a special needs trust of any kind to help ensure that the beneficiary receives assets without jeopardizing their government assistance benefits. We can also explain the different types of special needs trusts you may create.

Estate tax Protection

If your estate is to be taxed, it could mean losing a significant amount of the property or assets you meant to provide your children. Estate tax protection can help avoid this, allowing you to give your beneficiaries what they rightfully deserve.

Asset protection

Creditors often seek the money owed to them after a person passes through their estate. In some cases, they require that certain property or assets be sold to cover these expenses. Our firm can work to create a plan that protects these assets from creditors so that they may go to the rightful beneficiary.

Elder law and Medicaid planning

Did you know countless people are denied Medicaid because of small mistakes made during the application process? Our team helps ensure accuracy and completeness when seeking Medicaid, as well as helping with any other elder law issue that may arise.
Our services are designed to give every client peace of mind. It’s terrifying to think that something may happen to you and it leads to your loved ones not being able to receive what they should. Preparing for the future gives you confidence in everything you have worked so hard for.

Planning for Your Future

Most people think that they should only pursue estate planning if they have a lot of money or property. They don’t always recognize the overall goal of estate planning, which protects more than just assets. It protects people and loved ones. It protects a legacy. It allows you to go through life knowing that upon your passing, everyone you love is taken care of the way you wished.

Choose a New York Trusts & Estates Attorney Who Looks Out for You

With The Law Office of Nicole Israel, PLLC on your side, you don’t have to worry. If you are undecided, you can trust that we have a list of happy clients that were once in your position. However, we’ve done everything we can to help our clients save money, protect their privacy, avoid excessive taxation, and get through the process with peace of mind. When you come to our team, you get a flat fee that we agree upon before we move forward so that you know what to expect. Are you ready to get started? We look forward to meeting with you soon!

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